Friday, June 15, 2012

     Here at KVMC KAUM this morning we received about 15 calls from local residents wanting to know "what the explosion was."
     The "BOOM" heard Friday for miles around was the implosion of Morgan Creek unit number five and stack number four, now the Luminant Morgan Creek plant south of Colorado City.  Until this morning there were two natural gas steam units and six natural gas combustion turbine units.  The steam units are retired and therefore no longer operating.  Officials with Luninant say in the best interest of being good neighbors, they decided to remove the steam unit structures.
     The combustion turbines remain in operatioin and play an important role in meeting peak demands for electricity today.
     Unit number six will come down at some time later this year.  Check the KVMC KAUM web site and Facebook for photographs of the implosion today, furnished by Luminant and Kitten Arthur.