Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Coach Frank Johnson honored at Pep Rally!

Coach Frank Johnson recieves a proclomation in observance of his having teams having won 50 games in the 7 years at CHS!

The fighting Wolves-we are so proud of you all!

Coach Frank Johnson and Coach Dan Gainey after recieving their awards.

Casi Griffith presented the awards to Frank and Dan.

The CHS Cheerleaders always do a great job leading the pep rally!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Witch's Night Out.....

You don't want to mess with these "witches"!! That's Janine and Casie Lemons, getting into character at Eclectiques!

Main Street Director Cecilia Scott brought along her adorable grandson for some downtown shopping!

Medusa, aka Jennifer Wright, caused quite a stir with her dazzling costume!

The winner of the Pumpkin contest was Ellen Potts, shown here with her son Buster.

The girls at Eclectiques channeled their inner witches for the night...left to right, Casie Lemons, Janine Lemons, Ashton Ingle, Christi Ingle and customer Jennifer Wright!

That's Lynette Harmon, hard at work at Flavaz!

Masonic Lodge Honors local members.....

The local Masonic Lodge held an open meeting Satuday night to honor two of their members for service and membership over the years. Kenneth Rogers has a 60 year membership and currently serves as treasurer, and Charlie Uselton was honored as a 40 year Mason. Worshipful Master Kregg McKinney presided over the meeting. Pictured above, left to right, Dan Smith, Kenneth and Shirley Rogers, Charlie and Barbara Uselton and Kregg McKinney.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The C-City Barber Shop holds ribbon-cutting!

Tonya Maxwell is open for business at the C-City Barber Shop! A ribbon cutting ceremony was held this morning by the Chamber of Commerce to welcome Tonya and her business. She is located next door to Happy Nails on Hickory Street!

The Ambassadors were on hand, along with Jim Baum, for the ceremony.

That is Carol Parson, from the Record, lining up the folks for a picture!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Joe Biggers talks to the kids.....

Colorado City Native and decorated Vietnam veteran Joe Biggers talked to students at the Colorado Middle School this morning, about paying attention tothe direction offered by teachers and the importance of staying in school.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

It's National 4-H Week!

It's National 4-H Week and we recently had some visitors at the station! Local 4-H members came out to record some announcements to help bring awareness to 4-H and all it does for our local youth. Pictured are, back row, Taylor Beckmeyer, Rachel Beckmyer, Ashley Piercy and Avery Piercy. Front row, left to right, Cole Beckmeyer, Allison Torres and Nadia Davila. Not pictured are McCall Maddox and Erica McCright.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Ruddick Park filled to the brim with Goat Cookers!

Big congratulations to the winners of the year's Boar Goat Cook-Off-R.S.R. Cookers! Rick Alvarez of Fuller Foods makes the presentation!

This talented little dog caught frisbees all day long while her owners took part in the competition!

This vendor booth enjoyed a brisk business out at the cook-off!

One of the cookers checks on his meat at Ruddick Park!

Another team of winners at the Boar Goat Cook-off!

That's Debbie Waltz who was a winner in the dessert category with her chocolate pudding!

Winning firefighters from Colorado City!

A few of the judges and scorekeepers....Debbie and Michelle Guelker and Sharon Myers.

Is that P.J. in his pj's?? Nope..just the garb he wears when his wrecker service is called out!

Testing the ribs before they turn them in to be judged!

That's 2 men on a diet there, Benton Ward and Tex Blankenship!

A Saloon front-the Phillips Boys from Knickerbocker, Texas went all out with their camp!