Friday, October 30, 2015

Happy Retirement to Ronnie Piezsch

We want to wish Ronnie Pietzsch a very happy retirement! Ronnie has worked for the USPS for 41 years and was honored with a reception this morning. He is pictured here with Peggy Gale, Dan Smith and Charles Goodlet.

Fullers always gets in the Halloween spirit!

Fuller Food employees held their annual Halloween costume contest yesterday as they prepared for our local trick-or-treaters to come by the store! 

Teresa Molina as "Ratilla" took 1st place in the contest. She is seen here holding her pet rat and a cane!
Audy Martinez won 2nd place as a cute rat!

Sheela Patel took 3rd place in her beautiful Indian outfit.

Samantha Ruth also tied for 4th place!

Garland Honeycutt tied for 4th place as a clown.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

ShopKo expresses interest in vacant Alco Building

Great news from City Manager David Hoover! ShopKo has expressed a serious interest in our old Alco store building!!

Find out more about ShopKo

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Saving a fine-feathered friend

This sweet bird flew into our glass storm door at KVMC/KAUM Radio and was knocked unconscious, Linda picked him up and placed him in a tree to recover.  Ten minutes later he flew off!

Colorado City Crime Watchers hold meeting at C.C. Thompson Room

Signs have been made available by the Mitchell County Sheriff's Department

Leaders of the organization are Mr. and Mrs. Lynch of Colorado City.

Mrs. and Mr. Ray Hawley are dedicated members of the organization.

Scenes from the St. Ann's Fall Festival!

Sunday, October 11, 2015

FGE and County Commissioners come to an agreement

The agreement with FGE and Mitchell County was approved on a 4-1 vote, the action paves the way for FGE to begin construction on the plant as soon as possible. Money owed to the county by FGE will be repaid.