Thursday, February 25, 2010

Spongebob pays a visit to Colorado City!

Here's how Gayla Proctor and her grandkids spent the day on Tuesday with all the's Spongebob!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Skiing in Colorado.......

Nick Nixon took advantage of the snow yesterday and got out the skis!!

Nick Nixon hit the "slopes" in snowy Colorado City!

Snow+No School=Snowmen of all shapes and sizes!

Homer Matlock and friends built a whole family on snowmen...Snow Daddy is 9 feet 9 inches tall, Snow Mama stands 8 feet tall and Snow Baby is 5 feet tall!!

Colorado City was snowbound yesterday!

Snow here at the station!

Mitchell County Hospital is sporting a new attraction in the front yard. We have a six foot snowman created by Krystin Northcutt, daughter of employee Kim Northcutt on Tuesday afternoon.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Colorado City Main Street presents an Evening of Elegance!

It was certainly an evening to remember at the Opera House, when Main Street presented their "Evening of Elegance" Valentine extravaganza! The night kicked off at 5:30 with a dinner catered by Bama's House, then followed up with an incredible show that got underway on the Opera House stage about 7:30. The Tarleton Jazz Quarter performed, along with local musicians and performers. Jim Baum was the Master of Ceremonies. Those performing were Tabbatha Angelo, Joni Clay, Linda Clay, Durand and Margarita Hollis, Amber Nagar, Arron Trevino, Gabriel Hollis and Shae White.
City Manager Pete Kampfer and his wife Julie get ready for a night of entertainment and great food at the Opera House.

Bill and Doris McClellan also attened the event, sponsored by Colorado City Main Street.

Charlene and Marion Hayes await the catered meal backstage at the Opera House.

The Tarleton Jazz Quartet made the trip to perform at the Main Street's Evening of Elegance.

Amber Nagar delighted the crowd with her amazing voice!

A very talented Aaron Trevino sang at the Valentine's event.

Mother and daughter dynamos Shae White and Tabbatha Angelo wowed the crowd Saturday night!

Durand and Margarita Hollis take to the stage for their performace.

Linda Clay plays the saxaphone for the crowd at the Evening of Elegance!

Jim Baum talks with the couple married the shortest amount of time...Travis and Yolanda Heufel.

Main Street Director Cecilia Scott congratulates the couple in the crowd married the longest..Nell and Wayne Claxton!

Charlie McCollum presented chocolates from a drawing of more than 100 entries.

Friday, February 5, 2010

The Opree rides again!

Shannon Smithie and family backstage as they wait Pressley's turn to gon on stage!

Jeff Woodell of Loraine sings his heart out at the Opree!

That's Wild Willie himself playing the guitar!

Backstage, Leslie Bruce awaits her turn to take the stage!

The Opree band, back in action on the stage of the newly renovated Opera House!

Hospital's BBQ sells out fast!

The Hospital Bbq was a fundraiser to help buy a new x-ray machine for the facility.

The patient line of folks waiting for some of that legendary "bob-a-que"!

CEO Karl Stinson getting instructions on what to do next!

Bob Martin..chef supreme and fashionable too-nice hat Bob!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What happened with this Wind Turbine??

What happened with this wind turbine? It's located East of Buford and was brought to our attention by Danny Butler. Was it hit by lightning, a tornado or did it explode? We'll let you know when we find out the answer!

Tumbleweed Smith comes to town.....

Our good friend Tumbleweed happened by the station recenlty to conduct interviews with local residents. He is shown here interviewing David Woods!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Dedication of Bob Reily Learning Center....

Bob gave a short speech inside the center, thanking everyone who made the building possible.

A Ribbon cutting was held, unveiling the new sign for the Learning Center.