Sunday, January 9, 2011

Updates from the search for Hailey Dunn....

Tommorrow will be 2 weeks since 13 year old Hailey Dunn was last seen in Colorado City.  Efforts by local citizens and law enforcement are intensifying every day.  Sparky Dean, Senior Trooper and DPS Spokesman says reports the following agencies are all involved with the investigation:  Colorado City Police Department, Mitchell County Sheriff's Department, Texas Rangers, FBI, DPS, Snyder Police Department, Scurry County Sheriff's Department, Garza County Sheriff's Department, 32nd Judicial District Court and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. 
Searches have been organized by Bubba Limones and Stephanie Boyd with hundreds of concerned citizens turning out to comb through fields and adandoned houses in Mitchell and Scurry Counties.  People from Midland, Abilene, San Angelo, Big Spring, Coahoma, Snyder, Sweetwater and all points in between have also been involved in the search. 
A news conference was held Saturday and Jim Baum was there and has these notes from Sparky Dean:  Nobody has been charged with a crime, we have a missing person.  Shawn Adkins is not being restricted to stay in Colorado City and neither is Billie Dunn.  We have more witnesses and some of our witnesses have been deceptive in their answers to law enforcement.  In fact, Dean is quoted as saying "Some of our star witnesses are being less than truthful and this is frustrating our investigators." 
As for Mitchell County, Dean said that the "people have turned out".  Your citizens have fed of the FBI agents told Dean that he had never seen a community effort like the one here in Mitchell County.
Another brief news conference is being planned for 3:45 this afternoon at City Hall.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Update on Hailey Dunn search.....

A Search for Hailey Dunn in being planned for today...anyone willing to help is asked to meet at the Colorado City Courthouse at 2pm today. 

As for recent developments, A DPS helicopter was brought in yesterday to assist in the search for 13 year old Hailey Dunn, missing since Monday, Dec. 25th.  Among the areas searched was a brushy area behind Alco and the Sonic Drive Inn.  Lawmen were also seen removing unknown articles from the Dunn residence on Chestnut Street.  Billie Ostrander, Hailey's mom, and Clint Dunn, Hailey's dad were featured again on the Nancy Grace show on HLN last night.  Billie said that her boyfriend Shawn Atkins had failed his polygraph test and that she was told she also failed.  Billie also said she had been questioned by investigators for 10 hours.  She also stated that she did not want Shawn in her house and he has since left.  Hailey's father has not been asked to take a polygraph but stated he is willing to take one. 

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Lamar Advertising offers free space on Billboards to help find Hailey!

Lamar Advertising is now offering free space on their Interstate 20 billboards to advertise Hailey's dissapearance.  Hailey has been missing since Dec. 27th  and now Texas Ranger and the FBI have joined in with our local law enforcements in the investigation.  Hundreds of tips continue to come in and Billie Ostrander, Hailey's mom, will again be featured on Nancy Grace tonite.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Mother's boyfriend now taking polygraph in Haily Dunn case...

The search goes on for Hailey Dunn...

Today marks the tenth day since Hailey's disappearance and the reward money has been raised to $25,000.00 for any info the leads to the safe return of the 13 year old.  The Colorado City Police are working with the Mitchell County Sheriff's Department, the Snyder Police Department and now the Texas Rangers have been brought in to help in the investigation.  Should an Amber Alert been issued for Hailey?  Nancy Grace, on her national program on HLN, says absolutely!  City Manager Pete Kampfer told KTXS that the CCPD has asked for an Amber Alert to be issued 3 times, and it has been denied 3 times.  Police Chief John Bivins says he has been told there is not enough information available to have an Amber Alert issued.
Bloodhounds were involved in the search late last week, and reportedly picked up on a scent that let from the house to the Western Suites Hotel near Interstate 20.  The Police have taken the cell phones of Hailey's mom and her boyfriend, Shawn Atkins, to be checked for any possible information.  Atkins is also scheduled to take a polygraph today.  We will keep you updated with any info as soon as it is made available to us.  You can also go to out FB Page and the Find Hailey Dunn FB page and also a website has now been established at

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hailey Dunn case now a "Missing Persons" case.

The Texas Rangers are joining in with local law enforement in the search for missing 13 year old Hailey Dunn.  Dunn was last seen Monday, Dec. 27th about 3:15pm leaving her home at 1804 Chestnut.  Initially labeled as a runaway, the case has now been classified as a missing person.

The middle school student's mother, Billie Ostrander, she says the message she wants to send to her daughter is simple.  "I want her to know that I have to have her back," she said, with tears in her eyes, "And her dad has to have her back. We're torn up."

The popular teen at Colorado City Middle School vanished without a trace just two days after Christmas. She was last seen at her home, at 1804 Chestnut in Colorado City, in the afternoon. Hailey said she was going to her dad's house before visiting her best friend, but Hailey never made it to either destination.   "We love her and if she left on her own free will, or whatever reason she left, we can fix it," Billie Jean said, "we can deal with it."

"She's a wonderful girl. She has a little attitude sometimes, but not a bad kid," Billie Jean explained. "I've never had to worry about Hailey doing anything bad such as run away or do drugs, sex, anything of that nature. I don't worry about that."

The fact that Hailey never packed any bags leads family and friends to believe that she didn't leave intentionally. "That raised some red flags to us, and really, really worried us." said Shawn Adkins.

John Bivens, Chief of Police in Colorado City, said officers are following several leads at this time, and won't rest until Hailey makes it home safe.  As Texas Rangers and local investigators continue their search for Hailey, her mother prays for her little girl's safe return. "God gave her to us, and we want her back," she said.  A $10,000 reward is being offered for information leading to Hailey's safe return.  Anyone with any information is urged to call the Colorado City Police Dept at 325-728-5294.