Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Town Hall Meeting in Loraine

65-70 Loraine residents attended a town hall meeting last night that centered around dissatisfaction with City Hall.  The main issue was the way the recent City Council election was held, the voters chose Lydia Hale as their Mayor, but she was ruled ineligible by City officials. 

Irene Munoz, calling for a change in leadership in Loraine.
An exchange of views between Lydia Hale and the Mayor appointed by City Hall, Scott Edmunds.
Lydia Hale contends she was denied her apparent election as Loraine's Mayor.
Dickie Summers told Loraine residents the Sr. Citizen Center was shut down because Loraine residents didn't support it financially. 
Downtown Loraine.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Ribbon-cutting at new Mitchell County Jail

A good crowd was on hand this morning at the New Mitchell County Jail as an Open House and Ribbon-cutting ceremony was held.

Sheriff Patrick Toombs welcomes the crowd!
Judge Ray Mayo addresses the folks at the ceremony.
Time to cut the ribbon!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Juneteenth Celebration at Ruddick Park

Juneteenth, officially on Wednesday, was observed Sunday in Ruddick Park!  Don Emmerson is the organizer (and head chef) of the event, and he has been making sure the celebration is observed each year in Colorado City!

Preparing the tables!
Don Emmerson, head chef and the driving force behind the Juneteenth Celebration!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Masonic Cornerstone Ceremony at the New Jail

A time honored tradition welcomed the new Mitchell County Jail yesterday afternoon, it was the Masonic Cornerstone ceremony.  Guest speakers were the past Grand Master of the organization, Graham Childress and local Mason, Dan Smith.  The official open house for the new jail is set for June 21st.

Graham Childress addressed the crowd.
The cornerstone at the new jail.
Local Mason, Dan Smith, gives a history of the local Masons.
Sheriff Toombs gives a tour of the new jail, starting in the "sallyport".
Ray Ritchey, going in voluntarily?

Sunday, June 9, 2013

The C.C. Riders Car show packs the Railhead Building!

The C.C. Riders Car show was an unqualified success!!  Officials say it was the biggest show in it's 13 year history, with 152 entries! 

A unique paint job on this pick-up!
Beauties from another age lined the street outside the Railhead.
A unusual visitor to the show!
A 1934 Chevrolet, complete with a "rumble seat".
A gorgeous 1957 Thunderbird!
Vic Jeter with his 1951 Police motorcycle!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Westbrook Class of 2013!

The Classes of 2013 in Mitchell County now have their diplomas and commencement exercises were all held Friday night in Colorado City, Loraine and Westbrook.  Here is a look at the Westbrook graduation....

Westbrook Salutatorian Kenzy Morris addressed the crowd. 
Seniors ready to get their diplomas at Westbrook.
Congressman Mike Conaway addressed the graduates of Westbook.
Westbrook Valedictorian Alexis Nobles addresses her classmates and family at graduation.