Sunday, March 27, 2011

City Visioning Seminar held at Civic Center....

Despite a small turnout, the City Visioning seminar was able to come up with a list of priorities for the City in the near future.  The list is broken into a top ten, and a second ten.  Leading the priorites is water development.  High on the list was housing and recruiting new businesses also.  Saturday's visioning session was hosted by an outside consulting group, and sponsored by the City.  Mayor Carol Sue Dakan and several City council members were in attendance. 

Left to right, City National President Royce Clay, Fire Chief Rufino Martinez, Marj Kolman and Mayor Carol Sue Daken listen at the Visioning seminar.

About 24 people attended the Seminar at the Civic Center.

Byron Harden was one of three men who led the seminar.