Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Chamber Banquet welcomes back home George Levesque!

A nice crowd gathered at the Civic Center downtown Saturday night for the Annual Chamber of Commerce Banquet!  Special Guest speaker this year was KTXS Newscaster George Levesque.  George is a native of Colorado City and graduated from CHS.  Shirley Delaney was awarded Citizen of the Year and the Doug Chitsey family was the Farm Family of the Year.

Chamber Board President Ty Wood welcomed the crowd to the Banquet.

Chamber Manager Amanda Jo Ritchey gave an update on what the Chamber of Commerce has accomplished over the past year.

George Levesque, KTXS Newscaster and Colorado City native, was the special guest speaker.

Shirley Delaney was awarded Citizen of the Year and was presented her plaque by Royce Clay

Doug and Judy Chitsey were honored as Farm Family of the Year and were presented the plaque from last year's recipients, Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Hoyle.