Sunday, November 11, 2012

Blackout Karaoke Contest at the Opera House!

The Opera hosted a Blackout Karaoke contest Thursday, November 8th. There were 13 contestants hoping to win the grand prize of $500 plus studio time to record their song for radio air play. The contestants and judges were separated by a partition and were judged solely on their singing abilities. Three out of town judges were brought in to judge the singers on a scale of 1 to 10. The top 5 chosen were given an opportunity to sing again before the judges made the final decision. Our judges (left to right):
Ken Morgan - Resident engineer of world class Mudrock Recording Studio in Midland, TX. He is a lead guitarist, bassist and session player.  Bobby Dale - Professional singer/songwriter recordin g artist. After spending years in the music industry in Nashville, TN he has settled in Burnett, TX.  Jean Prescott - Singer/songwriter recording artist. You can catch her at local venues when she isn't on the road performing. She has released several CD's and we look forward to having her perform on the C City Opry in the very near future!

First place, $500.00, Gary Gibson

                                     Second place, $300.00, Kelly Mitchell

Third place, $200.00, Reuben Darnall