Tuesday, February 7, 2012

City Manager takes a new job in New Mexico.

The City Council met in a called meeting last night to accept the resignation of City Manager Pete Kampfer.  Kampfer applied for the City Manager's job in Raton last year, and was one of the 2 final candidates back in September when contract negotiations led the Raton commissioners to choosing another man for the job.  After that City Manager was terminated, negotiations resumed with Kampfer and he was offered the position.  Mr. Kampfer's last day on the job in Colorado City is slated for February 21st.  Judge Belinda Blassingame was appointed as the Interim City Manager until the Council can fill that position.

Mickey Neff addressed the council, calling for the Council to come and
 work together as a team.

Bob Riley also addressed the council, citing good things the City Manager has accomplished while in Colorado City.

Sally Brown also took time to address the council.

Belinda Blassingame (secon from right) was appointed as Interim City Manager.