Sunday, October 23, 2011

Petticoats on the Prairie packs in the crowds at the Show Barns!

Petticoats on the Prairie moved their show to Colorado City and the crowds followed!  The 2 day event was a huge success and brought shoppers from as far away as New Mexico, Breckenridge, Midland, Amarillo and San Angelo!  The Show Barns were both full with everything from antiques to armoires..and everything in between!  The Rodeo Queens, producers of the event, report that they had vendors come to sell from Dallas, New Mexico, Weatherford, San Angelo and all points in between, including local shops from the downtown area. 

Then-N-Again had an impressive display and came all the way from New Mexico!

Lati's Pottery Pig from Sweetwater was also at the show with incredible metal art!

Vendor Lana Flint, of Talented Friends, visits with Linda Baum at the show!

The parking lot was full both days!