Monday, February 28, 2011

Fires ravage northern Colorado City...13 homes destroyed...

From Big Country Homepage:  Sunday's wildfire in Colorado city burned 13 homes and 22,000 acres of land; much more than the 7,000 acres originally estimated. That equals out to about 34 square miles.
The likely cause of the fire was power lines at a pumpjack that crashed together in the high winds causing a spark, Colorado City city manager Pete Kampfer said. Winds up to 50 and 60 miles per hour exacerbated the fire, causing it to spread rapidly.  The fire started at the southwest corner of the municipal airport just west of Highway 208.

Several fire agencies will be in Colorado City today to help assess the damage and offer assistance, while two strike teams monitor smoldering areas.  Approximately 150 volunteer firefighters from at least 10 different towns assisted in fighting the wildfire. Three firetrucks sustained minor damage, Kampfer said. One person was injured during the evacuations, and was treated. The nursing home residents who evacuated to the civic center have returned to their nursing home.