Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The search goes on for Hailey Dunn...

Today marks the tenth day since Hailey's disappearance and the reward money has been raised to $25,000.00 for any info the leads to the safe return of the 13 year old.  The Colorado City Police are working with the Mitchell County Sheriff's Department, the Snyder Police Department and now the Texas Rangers have been brought in to help in the investigation.  Should an Amber Alert been issued for Hailey?  Nancy Grace, on her national program on HLN, says absolutely!  City Manager Pete Kampfer told KTXS that the CCPD has asked for an Amber Alert to be issued 3 times, and it has been denied 3 times.  Police Chief John Bivins says he has been told there is not enough information available to have an Amber Alert issued.
Bloodhounds were involved in the search late last week, and reportedly picked up on a scent that let from the house to the Western Suites Hotel near Interstate 20.  The Police have taken the cell phones of Hailey's mom and her boyfriend, Shawn Atkins, to be checked for any possible information.  Atkins is also scheduled to take a polygraph today.  We will keep you updated with any info as soon as it is made available to us.  You can also go to out FB Page and the Find Hailey Dunn FB page and also a website has now been established at