Sunday, October 3, 2010

Beautiful weather for the VFD Boer Goat Cook-off!!

This year's Boer Goat Cook-off was one of the best....55 teams set up camp at Ruddick Park, lots of fun and gorgeous weather for this Annual fundraiser for the Colorado City Volunteer Fire Department! Walking away with the big money was a team from Miles, Texas, The Butcher Boys! Coming in 2nd were the Smoking Outlaws, with Josh Morris serving as captain, and taking 3rd was the team captained by Ryan Costible.
The Butcher Boys from Miles, Texas took home the big money as the winners of the Boer Goat Cook-Off...seen here with Rick Alvarez of Fuller Foods.

The Smoking Outlaws came in 2nd place at the big cook-off!

The Classiest Camp award went to Kevin Parker's team..they had a 1948 Ford Pick-up and the cooker is where the motor used to be!

The cooking team from Midkiff took 1st place in the Jackpot Ribs!

Auctioneer Brodie Harris did a great job raising money for the CCVFD!

Just one of the 55 cooking camps on hand this weekend at Ruddick Park, that's Tom Carlock's daughter Mindy on the far right!