Thursday, September 9, 2010

A wagon ride in Loraine.....

We would like to share our story with you about our cousin, Jimmy Ross of Fritch, Texas and past resident and graduate of Colorado City. He is the son of the late Sherman and Ruby Ross.

Jim was looking for something to do when he retires from work in a few years. He believes a person should not just sit and retire. “A man needs something to do that is useful and hopefully something enjoyable”, he says. Well he found what he was looking for and wanted to share his new adventure with some of his family and friends living down here in Colorado City and Loraine.

Jim’s dad, our Uncle Sherman used to farm with mules back in East Texas. He farmed some with mules after they moved to west Texas (according to his sister, Charlene Ross Davis from Kentucky). Anyway, He had always been curious as to how the harness worked and how to drive. So he and his wife, Teresa found a ranch about an hour from their home that offered driving lessons. They both took a lesson. Teresa always loved horses, but because of some health problems, the cart really made her tired. The first time Jim drove, he was hooked! And he has been driving ever since. He said ”It seemed the more I try to get away from my "growin' up" in CC, the more I try to recreate it!”

About a year and a half ago, Jim bought "Mississippi Queen" as a long yearling. She is a Morgan and her registered name is "Greentree Westwind", but he just calls her "lil Miss”. Teresa takes short drives with him in the cart. They have a lot of fun. Miss turned three in April so they have put her in saddle training. Jim said he‘s in saddle training, too. Ride her or drive her. She does it all and does it well! He said he might even hook her up to a plow!

They have joined a driving club out of Stratford. (a little town north of Amarillo). They go on drives and shows. Last October, he and Miss won a third place ribbon in the "cones" class. There were 10 entrants and they came in third. Jim said “Not bad for a two year old and a novice driver”.

A couple of weeks ago Jim brought Miss and his wagon to town (Loraine) and drove several of us (family and friends) around the neighborhood. He wanted his Aunt Wanza and Uncle Bob Graham, who live in Loraine, to experience the nostalgia of riding in a horse and buggy again. My mom, Wanza, wore her bonnet, to get into character. Her bonnet was made by Dorothy Austin, the mother of her minister, Dale Hartley. Mike and Gayle Ross, Jimmy’s nephew from Grandview were here to enjoy our special event, too.

We have included a few pictures of that special day. We all had a grand time.

Thank you,

Debby Carlock
Brenda Linam
Glenda Hemphill