Friday, December 11, 2009

A Sneak Peak and a Steak Dinner at the Opera House!

Lovida Hamilton, from TDCJ, leaves the serving line with a full plate ( and she cleaned it up).

A look down the center aisle towards the foyer.

A look up on stage.

That's the one and only Shady Mitchell. He started the fundraising effort more than a year ago with his Opry programs at the Opera House.

A few of the Jazz Band members doubled as Waiters to help serve patrons of the Opera House.

Judy Honeycutt and City Manager Pete Kampfer came for a steak and a sneak peak at the newly renovated Opera House.

Also in attendance at the Opera House dinner was Bob and Geneva Ratliff!

A very pretty Elizabeth Walker taking it all in at the Opera House.

A check for $1084.00 was presented by Hutchinson 5th graders to the Opera House's Royce Clay!

Warden and Mrs. Jason Heaton attended the event, the Opera Huose project couldn't have been done with the help of TDCJ!