Sunday, October 4, 2009

Ruddick Park filled to the brim with Goat Cookers!

Big congratulations to the winners of the year's Boar Goat Cook-Off-R.S.R. Cookers! Rick Alvarez of Fuller Foods makes the presentation!

This talented little dog caught frisbees all day long while her owners took part in the competition!

This vendor booth enjoyed a brisk business out at the cook-off!

One of the cookers checks on his meat at Ruddick Park!

Another team of winners at the Boar Goat Cook-off!

That's Debbie Waltz who was a winner in the dessert category with her chocolate pudding!

Winning firefighters from Colorado City!

A few of the judges and scorekeepers....Debbie and Michelle Guelker and Sharon Myers.

Is that P.J. in his pj's?? Nope..just the garb he wears when his wrecker service is called out!

Testing the ribs before they turn them in to be judged!

That's 2 men on a diet there, Benton Ward and Tex Blankenship!

A Saloon front-the Phillips Boys from Knickerbocker, Texas went all out with their camp!