Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Housing Authority Board evicts 3 Colorado City Policemen....

For reasons still not known, the Housing Authority Board, headed up by President Bob Riley, has evicted 3 Colorado City Policemen from the Housing Authority Buildings. This issue was discussed at the recent Housing Authority Board meeting held on Monday evening. The Board consists of Sandra Midgett, Sally Brown and Bessie Wright and President Bob Riley. Brown and Wright were recently appointed to be on the Board by the Colorado City Council. According to Carol Parham, there are vacant apartments at the Housing Authority, so space should not be the issue. Earlier, 2 AN information request was made by Margie Brophy in regards to the Police Officers residing at the Housing Authority apartment. According to Parham, Board member Sally Brown contacted HUD with questions concerning why the Police Officers were allowed to live there. Carol Parham also presented the Board with her letter of resignation, which the Board accepted on a 3-1 vote, with Sandra Midgett voting to not accept Mrs. Parham's resignation.