Wednesday, July 29, 2009

An eventful day for City Hall and City Council....

Tuesday was a day mainly about City Manager Zane Graham-a going away reception was held in his honor at City Hall and was well attended. Zane was also interviewed by KTXS from Abilene about his reasons for resigning. That interview was broadcasted last night at 10:00pm. Then the City Council met last night and appointed Denna Dickard as Actign City Manager until an Interim City Manager can be found. Congratulations Denna! The audit was also presented last night at the meeting and CPA Cathy Wilks gave the City a clean bill of health.

Zane Graham cited the constant micro-managing of new Mayor Carol Sue Dankan and Mayor Pro-Tem Keith Hiser as his primary reason for his resignation.

Ciy Manager Zane Graham gives his interview to KTXS.

Carol Sue Dakan was also interviewed by KTXS.

Congratulations to Denna Dickard on being named acting City Manager for Colorado City.

Lots of folks came out to wish Zane the best in the future.