Sunday, June 7, 2009

The legendary Horned Toad makes an appearance at the station!

The horny toad, or the horned toad, is quite a sight! This little guy was spotted by Jim at the station this morning, and he was quite hard to see at first in the driveway! He then moved onto the grass, then willingly participated in a photo shoot as Jim slid a piece of paper under him to get a better picture of him! These reptiles are highly adaptable to their severe, desert environments. They like to bask in the hot sun during the day, then sleep beneath the cool sand at night. Despite the horny toad's tough exterior, they are known as very gentle creatures. Native Americans have respected the reptile for thousands of years, and still regards them as having magical qualities and a strong spirit. Thanks so much to Mary McMullen for bringing us some information about the mystical reptiles...and remember, if you come across a horny toad, please leave it in it's natural environment!