Tuesday, April 7, 2009

An Invitation to the Political Forum.....

The Colorado City Area Chamber of Commerce will host a political forum on Thursday, April 23rd in the Civic Center at 7:00pm. The format is as follows:

1. Each candidate will have up to 5 minutes for opening remarks.
2. Each candidate will be asked 2 questions after their opening remarks.
3. Questions will be written on forms provided at the door.
4. Questions will then be placed in a basket for each individual candidate.
5. Questions must be in the basket before the forum begins.
6. You must sign your name to your question or it will not be asked.
7. Time limit for questions will be 3 minutes.
8. Questions WILL NOT be taken from the floor.

This forum is open to all candidates in Mitchell County who wish to participate. There are contested races in Colorado City and Loraine, all these candidates will be invited to speak. We encourage those in uncontested races to attend also so you can be recognized. The Facilitator for the Forum will be Nicki Harle, Executive Director of Texas Midwest Community Network in Abilene. She has been with TMCN since it's inception in 1994 and has participated in many political events such as this. It is our goal to insure the residents in Mitchell County are informed voters when they go to the polls. Please participate and help us make this a successful endeavor.