Sunday, February 22, 2009

Promotions at the Police Department....

Chris Pearson tells District Attorney Ann Reed that he's packing his bags and headed for Vidor, Texas. Pearson was praised by Chief Dooley for all of the cases he solved in his two-lus years in Colorado City!

Gung ho Lt. Hale, described by Chief Dooley as the man who has put in more non-paying hours for the department than any man in the history of the Colorado City Police Department!

From left to right, Lt. Cary Hale, Chief Ron Dooley, Sgt. John Bivens and Investigator Adam Davis.

Sgt. Bevins has his new badge pinned on by his wife Haley.

Let them eat cake!

An impressive ceremony was held at the Civic Center recently as several promotions were announced by Police Chief Ron Dooley. Sgt. Cary Hale has been promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. Officer John Bevins was promoted to Sergeant. The ceremony was well attended with officers from the Sheriff's Department and DPS, along with family members and District Attorney Ann Reed and her staff were also in attendance. Chief Dooley also announced that Officer Adam Davis was moving up to Investigator. A Plaque was also presented to Detective Chris Pearson, who is moving to Vidor where he will serving in the Police Department there.